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Designer Handbag enables you to rent designer handbags at affordable prices.

Step One - Become a member

You do not have to be a member but by joining for just £9.99 £4.95 per month gives you amazing discounts on bag hire from our collection. To become a member simply fill out the form on our Become A Member page.

Step Two - Choose your bag
Choose a bag from our range to hire.
Use the calendar to check availability and book your rental for a week, month or however long you choose.
Price of hire depends on the bag you choose and the length of time you rent it for.

Step Three - Enjoy your new bag
Your designer bag will be delivered to your door on the day you requested it.
Please take care of your bag to ensure it stays looking gorgeous.

Step Four - Return your bag
Two days before your bag is due to be returned you will receive an e mail to remind you the date your bag is due to be returned.  On the last day of your bag hire simply pop your bag into the pre-paid and addressed box that arrived with your bag when it was delivered and send it back to us.

……..Now it is time to choose another bag!!

We require a minimum commitment of 6 months for membership.
You will be billed on the day you sign up for the service and then each month after that for your membership.
You will be charged for your bag hire each time you borrow a bag.
After the initial 6 month term you will continue to be billed on a monthly basis unless you decide to cancel.
We do not accept checks or money orders.
You can cancel your membership anytime after your 6 month registration period by clicking on Contact Us and sending us an email to notify us that you wish to do so. 

There is a £12.99 round trip delivery charge which will be added to your account each time you borrow a bag
Your bag will be fully insured during transit.
The bag is sent to you by our designated couriers.
When you're ready to return the bag simply pack it into the return box provided (which is addressed and pre paid) and post back to us.

With insurance, you will be covered from any general wear and tear your item may experience while on loan to you.
This coverage does not include damage, theft or loss.
For further information please read the full terms and conditions.